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Fall Class Schedule

Acrobatics Ages 5-9 4:00pm Beginner Pre-Ballet Ages 4-7 4:00pm 2nd Year Tap Ages 8-12 9:00am
Beginner & 2nd Year Tap Ages 4-7 4:00pm Beginner & 2nd Year Acrobatics Ages 7-12 9:00am
Beginner Acrobatics Ages 4-7 4:45pm Hip-Hop Ages 12-16 4:45pm Beginner & 2nd Year Jazz Ages 8-13 9:45am
Beginner & 2nd Year Ballet Ages 7-12 4:45pm Beginner Ballet Ages 5-8 4:45pm Intermediate Jazz Ages 9-13 9:45am
Acrobatics Ages 7-12 5:45pm Beginner Jazz Ages 5-9 5:30pm Intermediate Acrobatics Ages 9-13 10:30am
Beginner & 2nd Year Tap Ages 7-10 5:30pm Intermediate Acrobatic Ages 7 - 12 5:30pm Beginner Contemporary Ages 11-15 5:30pm
Beginner & 2nd Year Jazz Ages 7-12 6:15pm Junior Acrobatic Workshop (Required tricks for the class) 6:15pm Intermediate Ballet Ages 11-16 6:15pm Pointe Ages 12-16 11:15am
Advanced Ballet 6:45pm Beginner Jazz Ages 9-14 6:15pm Intermediate Ballet Ages 10-14 11:15am
Advanced Jazz 7:30pm Adult Ballet Stretch 7:15pm Starlet Club Date Tap Ages 9-12 12:00am
Advanced Tap 8:15pm Kaye Gorham Revue Tap 7:45pm Intermediate Ballet Ages 12-16 12:00pm
Starlet Club Date Tap Ages 10-14 (Requirement: must attend Ballet Class) 12:00pm
Rockette Club Date Tap Ages 12-16 12:45pm
Beginner & 2nd Year Ballet Ages 9-14 12:45pm
Intermediate Jazz Ages 12-18 1:30pm
Beginner Tap Ages 9-14 1:30pm
2nd Year Tap Ages 5-7 2:15pm
Intermediate Acrobatics Ages 10-16 2:15pm
2nd Year Ballet Ages 4-7 3:00pm
Beginner & 2nd Year Acrobatics Ages 9-13 3:00pm
Beginner Baby Tap Ages 3-6 3:45pm
Beginner Acrobatics Ages 4-7 3:45pm
Beginner Baby Jazz Ages 5-7 4:30pm
Beginner Acrobatics Ages 3-6 4:30pm

Fall classes will begin on Wednesday September 4th 2019

*Class schedule is subject to change based on enrollment.  Please confirm schedules prior to enrolling.

Private and Semi-Private Lessons Available—Call to Schedule!

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Other classes are available for intermediate and advanced level.  Please call the studio for a schedule of classes. Additional classes will be posted as they become available.  There are a few remaining openings in the above listed classes.

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